• Manhattan Theatre Club & Hudson Guild Theatre

This was the first time I produced and wrote a piece on my own. This 25 page play follows Lilia and Alex as they reunite after being apart for a year. Meeting again, they recount what used to be, what has changed and their current realities. Directed by Adam Martin, featuring Jade’ Davis & Matthew Ramirez.

The second time we did this short play, I produced remotely from Canada, with Adam Martin and Autumn Alton running the rehearsals along with Gwendolyn Snow, Keach Siriani Madden, Jade’ Davis & Kenneth Shook. We were double billed, and was the closest thing I produced to a fully realized show. Due to unforeseen circumstances, this was a fully crowd-funded production and I’m happy to look back on this to say we exceeded our goal! We were able to fund rehearsal space, have a small budget for technical elements and pay everyone involved an equal amount.

Producing included creating medical information documents, contact lists, finding & booking rehearsal space and work shopping the script three time before reaching a rehearsal draft, along with changes in rehearsals.

All media by Cheyenne Battle & Tom Eccles

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