Kiana Wu (she/hers) is a Taiwanese-Canadian theatre maker, currently living in London and originally from Canada. She has produced her own written work in New York City and Calgary, Alberta and formally trained as an actor at the Stella Adler Studio (Evening Conservatory, 2018).
Kiana has a passion for anti-racist and accessible practices in theatre, and reflects this in her personal and professional work.
For Inside Out Theatre, a Deaf and disability theatre company in Calgary, she worked as Good Host Program Lead Coordinator, designing workshops for non-profit organizations and charities, with the goal to develop accessible practices within cultural spaces as well as organising Audio Described, Signed and Relaxed Performances at theatres across Calgary. In the same role, she developed the skills to caption, audio describe and consult from a lens of photosensitivity.
Kiana holds lived experience as an epileptic person and has recently consulted on performances at the English National Opera, participated in research groups in partnership with the National Theatre and TourettesHero and captioned at the Battersea Arts Centre.
If you are interested in working together, please reach out via my contact form!

English National Opera, 2022, It’s A Wonderful Life – Access Consultant

Battersea Arts Centre, 2023, Truth’s A Dog Must to Kennel – Captioner

English National Opera, 2023, Akhnaten – Relaxed Performance Consultant

Young Vic, 2023, Sundown Kiki Reloaded – Captioner

English National Opera, 2023, Iolanthe – Relaxed Performance Consultant

Battersea Arts Centre, 2023, One Song – Captioner